Fun Ideas For Smoothie Bowls

Decorating and getting creative with smoothie bowls can be a delightful way to make your healthy meal even more appealing.

Here are some fun and creative ideas to inspire you.

Beach Scene

  • Base: Blue spirulina smoothie for the ocean and a lighter color (like banana smoothie) for the sandy shore.
  • Decorations: Use crushed graham crackers or toasted coconut flakes for the sand, banana slices for surfboards. Add a few small fruit pieces or nuts as “seashells” and edible flowers for a tropical touch.

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Winter Vibes

Make a smoothie bowl with chilly winter vibes, using combination of white and blue to create your scene.

Use frozen fruits, coconut, and other accents to add to your frosty scene. Swirl in some yogurt to create a snowy effect.

Color themes

You can make a variety of different bases to pair with fruits.

Match your base with your fruit, or to tie colors together.

Celestial Themes

Create swirled bases that look like galaxies, or create a dark base such as dark blue or dark purple.

Swirl in some coconut yogurt for a Milky Way effect.

Use star-shaped fruit cutouts (mango, apple) and sprinkle with edible glitter or chia seeds for stars, or use star-shaped sprinkles.

4. Tropical Themes

Choose a tropical color base to pair with your fruit – bright yellow, bright blue, green.

For toppings, you can create a palm tree with kiwi slices for the leaves and banana slices for the trunk.

Use shredded coconut for sand if you want.

Add tropical fruit chunks (papaya, dragon fruit) as toppings.

Rainbow or fruit cornucopia

Regardless of your base, cover your bowl with a variety of fruits.

Or create a theme that uses all the colors of the rainbow (so healthy)!

By using a variety of fruits, seeds, nuts, and edible decorations, you can transform your smoothie bowl into a beautiful and whimsical masterpiece that’s almost too pretty to eat!

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