Tips For Eating Healthier When Traveling

Every time I go on a trip, I feel like I don’t eat anywhere as healthy as if I were at home. Being out of my regular routine can be frustrating! From vacations to traveling to sports tournaments, I feel out of sorts when I am on the road.

Eating healthier while traveling can be challenging, but with some planning and mindful choices, it is possible. Here are some tips to help you eat healthier while on the go.

Pack Healthy Snacks

Bring along a variety snacks like nuts, seeds, dried fruits, whole grain crackers, or granola bars. These snacks are convenient and can help curb hunger between meals. I often bring a case of nutrition bars with me when we travel, so that I never end up “hangry”. It also helps cut down on food costs when I am not super hungry at every meal.

Choose Balanced Meals

When eating out, aim for balanced meals that include proteins, whole grains, and plenty of vegetables.

Look for options like salads, soups, and vegetable-based dishes. I find that I usually eat too much pre-packaged food items when I travel, and that is what makes me feel unhealthy.

Stay Hydrated

This one is tough for me, because I try to minimize how often I have to stop at rest stops!

Drink plenty of water throughout your travels to stay hydrated. Avoid sugary drinks and opt for water, herbal tea, or sparkling water instead. Bring a reusable water bottle or bottled water to cut down on paying for water.

Look for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Seek out fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. You can often find them at local markets or grocery stores, or even in airport kiosks. Sometimes, you can bring less perishable items on your trip, such as oranges or apples. If you are able to visit a Farmer’s market or street vendors, those might be good opportunities to get some fresh fruit.

Visiting a fresh fruit vendor on the streets of Valladolid, Mexico.

Watch Portion Sizes & Practice Moderation

Pay attention to portion sizes, especially when dining out. Restaurants often serve oversized portions, so consider sharing a meal or asking for a smaller portion if available. You can also look for healthy menu items, appetizers (such as flatbreads), or sides.

Limit Processed Foods and Sugary Snacks

Try to minimize your intake of processed foods, fast food, and sugary snacks. These items are often high in calories, unhealthy fats, and added sugars.

By incorporating these tips into your travel routine, you can maintain a healthier diet while on the go. Remember that it’s all about balance and making mindful choices that support your well-being.

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  • Beth
    March 11, 2024

    I’m so bookmarking this! I eat like total garbage when I travel, and it makes me feel so terrible for the whole trip. I mean, it’s delicious, but it drains me. LOL

  • Laura
    March 12, 2024

    I struggle so much with this. I am gluten and dairy free, which often means my options are sometimes limited and not always healthy. The healthy snacking is a big one, if I am not sure about the food, I often take my own snacks with just in case.

  • Samantha Donnelly
    March 12, 2024

    I always find when I am away I look forward to getting home and eating normal food again. It is lovely being away and eating whatever is around but the novelty does wear off

  • Yeah Lifetsyle
    March 12, 2024

    I think buying fresh fruits where you can is always a good call and as you say packing some healthy snacks to keep hunger at bay and drinking plenty of water should keep the healthy eating on track whilst travelling.

  • Jupiter Hadley
    March 12, 2024

    Packing snacks helps with your health and with saving money! There is so much to prep when traveling.

  • Hari
    March 12, 2024

    I completely agree that eating healthy when we are travelling is a challenging task but some preplanning definitely helps. Packing healthy snacks is such a wonderful idea!

  • marie Cris Angeles
    March 12, 2024

    Thank you for these tips. We all need to be healthy even when we are going on a trip.

  • adriana
    March 12, 2024

    This is SO hard! I love your tips! I like to book a hotel room if/when possible that has a full kitchen or at least a full fridge/freezer and go to the grocery store and buy some of my favorite things to eat at home. Fruits, veggies, etc!

  • Karen
    March 12, 2024

    These are amazing tips, thank you so much. As you said, it is sometimes very challenging to keep up with a good diet when traveling. I love the tips.

  • Tammy
    March 12, 2024

    Very good reminders and ways to stay healthy while on the go! It can get so tricky…but have a plan in place is always good. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rhian Scammell
    March 12, 2024

    I need to take note of all of these as I always end up overeating when I go away. I think for me the biggest thing is not snacking and just sticking to the key meals so I don’t overeat x

  • Sue-Tanya Mchorgh
    March 12, 2024

    It’s so relatable to feel like our eating habits go off track when we’re on the road! Thanks for sharing these tips – they’re sure to come in handy for staying healthy and balanced during trips.

  • Melanie E
    March 12, 2024

    Depending on where you go it can be harder to eat healthily when travelling. I do try to stick to water drink wise as eat as much fruit and veg as possible. A healthy snack for travelling always works well.

  • Melissa Cushing
    March 12, 2024

    Thank you for sharing these fabulous tips on eationg healthy when away from home. It is a real challenge for sure as have you seen what the nutritional value is for the foods you eat when out? The meatloaf dinner at Cheesecake factory has over 5,300 milligrams of sodium …. that is almost 3 days worth of intake in one meal. Loving this and those veggies at the top look delish!

  • Paula Richie
    March 13, 2024

    I can definitely relate to having (or wanting) to travel and finding it challenging to eat healthy while away. We gave up trying.

  • Lou
    March 27, 2024

    I’m the total opposite – I seem to eat better when I’m travelling! I was in France just last week and I’ve managed to keep up with the healthy eating since I returned. Fingers crossed it continues 🙂