Strawberry, Banana & Kale Smoothie

I like to start my day by eating clean.  I feel better and have more energy, and it fits well into my day as a busy mom, as I can take a moment to make a smoothie and take a moment to sip it while I prepare for my day.  Every morning I make a fresh smoothie with fruits and kale, and it is a great way to start off my day on the right foot.


~ 1.5 cups milk (regular or non-dairy)
~ 1 banana
~ handful of kale (or other greens)
~ 1 cup frozen strawberries
~ sweetener

~ optional: superfoods (chia seeds, flax, matcha, spirulina, etc)

Start by putting the milk in the blender.

You can use vegan products, such as coconut milk or almond milk, or regular dairy milk.

Then, add in your ingredients. I always keep a supply of frozen bananas in the freezer, but you can use fresh or frozen.

This goes for strawberries as well. We keep a bag of frozen strawberries in the freezer, but you can use fresh instead.

I usually strip the kale off the stem and soak or wash carefully, so that I don’t end up with sand in my food.

I use about one leaf of kale, or handful. For this smoothie, I used a little extra since our garden is bursting with kale!

You can add in sweeteners or any extras, like superfoods. I find that the bananas add some decent sweetness, so I start with less sweetener and add more to taste at the end. As far as superfoods, there are so many out there, like chia, spirulina, pitaya powder, beet powder, turmeric, etc.

Blend until smooth. You may want to add in more liquid (milk or water) to adjust the consistency. It be different depending on if you use frozen versus fresh berries, and your own personal preference.

What do you think?

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  • Jennifer Van Haitsma
    July 7, 2020

    This sounds really good! I love any kind of berries in my smoothies. And that is the only way I can tolerate kale. LOL

  • Amber Myers
    July 7, 2020

    Oh yum, I do love smoothies. It’s been a while since I made one, so I should try this.

  • melissa chapman
    July 7, 2020

    It is great toa add the goodness of kale with the sweetness of strawberry and banana. I know my kids would love a smoothie like this.

  • Sarah Bailey
    July 7, 2020

    Ohh now this sounds like an interesting smoothie! What an interesting mix of ingredients.

  • Tasheena
    July 7, 2020

    This smoothie looks really yummy. Looking forward to trying this.

    • Cathy Mini
      July 8, 2020

      Wow, this is really awesome recipe yummy a healthy delicious smoothie perfect. I wanna make this right away. Yummy

  • Beth
    July 8, 2020

    This seems like a really healthy and delicious way to start the day! My teens and young adult children make smoothies all the time, and I probably should too!

  • Catalina
    July 8, 2020

    Sounds like a very healthy snack idea. I love to try new smoothie flavors. Yummy!

  • Chef Dennis
    July 8, 2020

    Oooh yum! This Strawberry, Banana & Kale Smoothie look sooo tasty and very refreshing!

  • Gervin Khan
    July 8, 2020

    I really love smoothie so much most especially for breakfast but I have never tried to put kale on my smoothie before but I will try it, thank you!

  • Kathy
    July 8, 2020

    I use to make these smoothies all the time. This was the exact one I use to make too. I already know it’s really delicious. I need to get back to having smoothies again.

  • Bolupe
    July 8, 2020

    This is such a great way to include vegetables into the kid’s diet. I’m sure my kids will love it.

  • lucy
    July 8, 2020

    yum, I love strawberries in smoothie

  • FArrah Less
    July 8, 2020

    I love smoothie I also mix it wilk almond milk as alternative to regular milk. If also I get a chance I add coconut chips on it yummy.

  • Liz
    July 8, 2020

    This is my favorite delicious and healthy smoothie for breakfast!

  • KariLorr
    July 14, 2020

    I’m really interested to see how this will taste. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  • Yum! Green smoothies have been a godsend this summer, especially when morning sickness makes me wrinkle my nose at anything resembling a salad or savory veggie. They’re so good and I think the coldness/sweetness helps them go down better. I’ll have to try this recipe!

  • Elizabeth Miller
    July 20, 2020

    thanks for an actual measured recipe. My teen has been trying to get this one balanced out but I am pretty sure she keeps overdoing the kale.

  • Antoinette M
    July 22, 2020

    Sounds like a great smoothie!