Some of My Favorite Kitchen Tools

Having good tools in the kitchen are a must! Here are a few of my favorite essentials.

Salad spinner

If you’ve ever had wet, sandy kale, you know a salad spinner can be a lifesaver! I like to soak a lot of veggies to make sure that they get a thorough washing, and the salad spinner helps speed up the process and I find that it also gets any leftover bits off my veggies. It can be bulky to store, but we use ours a lot.

Tofu press

I don’t use my tofu press that often, but it is one of those things that is handy to have. Before my tofu press, I would stack cans on a plate on top of the tofu, which sometimes meant a cascade of cans falling on the floor.

Blender and/or Immersion Blender

I use the blender a decent amount, from healthy smoothies to soups.

Rice Cooker

I find myself cooking rice a lot, but rice can be finicky. One of the best gifts I have gotten was my rice cooker. I asked for a ceramic one, as I am careful about what we cook with, and I didn’t want aluminum or plastic. My rice cooker is such a time saver, because I measure out the rice and water, and turn on the rice cooker. (This isn’t the model I have, as I’m not sure where mine was purchased, but it looks comparable).

Sushi mat

We make a decent amount of sushi at home. It isn’t that hard, and all you really need is a sushi mat! You could also go with a sushi-making kit, but realistically, you’ll end up just using the sushi mat. We make vegetarian sushi a lot, and even the kids use the mats to make their own.

What are some of your favorite vegetarian cooking tools?

What do you think?

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1 Comment
  • Melissa Cushing
    January 19, 2020

    These are all fabulous tools and I especially love the sled spinner. What a difference it makes for a delicious clean salad!