Vegetarian Taco Salad

We enjoy taco salad on a regular basis, and it is a great way for everyone to make their own customized salad. Just like tacos, you can set up an assembly line so that you can pick and choose as you go. This salad is so flavorful and filling, and I think I make it different every time. Sometimes we even use Doritos instead of regular tortilla chips.


~ Vegetarian crumbles (we like Morningstar Farms – you can purchase plain crumbles and season them with Taco seasoning, or buy preseasoned crumbles)
~ Tortilla chips 
~ Lettuce (I usually get organic romaine hearts), shredded
~ Tomatoes (I prefer grape tomatoes, halved)
~ Sour cream
~ Shredded cheese (taco / Mexican blend)
~ Black Olives (sliced)
~ Taco seasoning
~ Optional: hot sauce, cilantro, guacamole, jalapeños, etc.


I start by heating up the crumbles. You can pan fry them in oil, or you can microwave them. For regular plain crumbles, I add taco seasoning, but you can also find pre-flavored crumbles. MorningStar Farms has great Chipotle Black Bean Crumbles, so we use those or these Grillers Crumbles with taco seasoning.

This salad can be whatever size and ratios of ingredients you like. These are just suggestions!

To assemble your salad, start by crumbling a handful tortilla chips in the bottom of a bowl. My daughter likes to use Doritos sometimes. I prefer organic tortilla chips.

Next, add your shredded lettuce and sliced tomatoes. This is usually the largest portion of the salad, and the rest will be toppings that I mix in.

grape tomatoes

Sprinkle with meatless crumbles and shredded cheese.

Add any other items you might like, including olives, sour cream, guacamole, and so on. Mix together and enjoy!

We enjoy this with hot sauce on top!

What do you think?

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  • paris
    February 11, 2020

    Looks so good! Thank you for sharing! My husband has been talking about transitioning into a vegetarian and this is something quick and easy!

  • Sara Mertaban
    February 11, 2020

    That looks delicious! I love a good hearty and healthy salad

  • Cyndi Buchanan
    February 11, 2020

    This looks delicious! I’ve tried that meat substitute for tacos. My kids didn’t know the difference.

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra
    February 11, 2020

    I want to try those veggie crumbles. I promised to choose healthier meals this year and this salad is a perfect choice. I love that you can just add/mix any other veggies you wish!

  • Laura
    February 13, 2020

    Yuuuuummy! OOH this sounds so delicious!

  • Rikki Ridgeway
    February 13, 2020

    I am so hungry, and now I want a taco salad – because, to be honest, this sounds amazingly delicious!

  • ciara
    February 14, 2020

    Great idea for taco Tuesday

  • vidya
    February 15, 2020

    have never used or thought of using those veggie crumbles before.. certainly looks interesting.. thank you

  • Tiffanie A Westgor
    February 16, 2020

    This looks delicious! I love that it is vegetarian friendly!

  • Raymond Skjærstad
    March 14, 2020

    This is so delicious! Thanks.

  • Carmen
    April 2, 2022

    I like eating taco salad. I’ve never tried it with hot sauce on top, so I’ll have to try that the next time I make one.

  • Angel
    April 5, 2022

    This looks so yummy! I gotta try it tomorrow 😋

  • Bernice
    April 6, 2022

    YUM, my mouth is watering and I can’t wait to make this for lunch tomorrow. I have all the ingredients ready to go.

  • The Sudden Cook
    April 6, 2022

    Looks wonderful! Def something to introduce into family weeknight dinners:)

  • Jill
    April 7, 2022

    Thanks for this recipe! Its such a great salad for quick and easy lunch during the week!

  • Agnieszka
    April 7, 2022

    Great flavors in this salad. You won’t miss the meat!

  • Addie
    April 8, 2022

    This was such a great lunch! Easy to make and way better than takeout. Yum!

  • beth
    February 23, 2023

    The hot sauce on top is an awesome flavor addition. This will definitely be a repeat in the house.

  • Karen
    February 23, 2023

    The salad looks so so good! I love fresh green salads and usually have them daily. I can’t wait to make your recipe, it is very easy to follow.

  • Myrah Duque
    February 23, 2023

    I love it! My husband is a vegetarian so I am always looking for new recipes and this Vegetarian Taco Salad is perfect. I particularly like the Morningstar Griller crumbles.

  • Yeah Lifestyle
    February 23, 2023

    This is such a great idea. I am always looking for easy meal ideas that the whole family will enjoy. This would work really well!

  • Rhian Westbury
    February 23, 2023

    Such a nice combination of ingredients, and it shows that you don’t always have to have meat. I need to make myself a taco salad x

  • Paula Richie
    February 24, 2023

    I wonder if my vegan family would want to try this recipe. I’ll try adding tofu.

  • Rosey
    February 24, 2023

    I always like vegetarian taco salads. it’s not as filling as the meat salads and makes me feel better.

  • Jupiter Hadley
    February 24, 2023

    This is such a healthy twist on a taco! Sounds very light and refreshing too, thank you for sharing your recipe.

  • Rosey
    February 24, 2023

    Vegetarian taco salad is good. It’s lighter than the meat taco salads.

  • Unconventional Kira
    February 27, 2023

    Now this looks absolutely delightful. I’d definitely recreate this as I’ve been having a lot of light lunches these few weeks